How do I buy a ticket to the next dinner?

Its easy! First, fill out the membership Type-form application. Once approved, you’ll get a confirmation email that leads you to create a Log In account. Your Membership comes with the next dinner event FREE!

Where are the live events held?

For now, most of our events will be held near San Diego. We will be expanding to Los Angeles and Orange County in 2019.

Can I drive my own car?

No, many of our events do not allow self-transportation to and from our events for the safety of our Members and neighbors.

We can have a Black Car service arranged for you or services like Uber and Lift are popular options.

I’m already a Member, how do I gain entry to the next event?

Entry to events are based on tokens. Members can buy tokens in the Member Portal here – Your Members Area

Do we have to purchase food or beverages there?

No, our events do not sell any food or beverages – if we supply our guests with any consumables, it will be so that we can learn and explore them as a community.

Everything is 100% free and optional.

Can I attend an event without being a Member?

You can attend events without being a Member only if you are a guest of a current Member.

Members, please have your Guest fill out the “Plus-One Form” so that we may know of any allergies or special needs of your guest.

Where Can I Learn More About Your Next Event?

You can find information on our latest event here – Culinary Cannaseur Club | Event Information

Do I need to RSVP?

Yes, Members please RSVP on the event’s page

How long are the events?

Length of events depends on the type. Events with paired dinner courses typically range around 3-hours in duration.