California’s Most Unique Social Club

“Helping Professionals and Enthusiasts Break Bread”

Who are we?

Did you know.. 80% of deals in the rapidly growing Green-Industry still take place in person!

This begs the question: Is it wise to do business with someone you hardly know?

The C.C. Club firmly believes that great businesses are built on great people. What better way is there to build a strong relationship than sharing a meal with someone – just like it has been done for centuries

That’s why we’ve created The C.C. Club!

The Culinary Cannaseur Club helps Brands, Companies, and Individuals in the Green-Industry cultivate better relationships between their customers and employees through unforgettable dinner events

Our Mission

Our dinner events include 5+ courses of locally sourced food from award-winning chefs, wine-pairings by experienced Sommeliers, and even interactive magic shows!

Our Community

Use our events as a tool to network, showcase new products, promote your brand or build camaraderie with your staff!

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How It Works

Periodically, the Culinary Cannaseur Club hosts dinner events for public access.


Entry is reserved for Members only. Annual membership is $325 which includes entry to one event. To attend or book events after your initial free event, you can upload Tokens directly from our site. 1 Token = $100


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Our Next Events

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October 27, 2018 – San Diego, CA